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If you are an owner of an Xbox 360 then no doubt you have some hardware problems at some time and heard about 3 Red Rings (Lights) of Death or needed Xbox 360 Repairs on your console, either the dvd drive of the XBOX 360 is stucked, makes scratchy noise or doesn't read games (unplayable disk) or you have no video / audio only problem.

I provide repairs service at your home for your XBOX 360, if in Los Angeles - Orange County - SF valley area, California. If you are having problems like the "Red Ring of Death" error, or other problems with overheating consoles, graphic errors, and freeze ups, reading disks problems, etc I can fix it for you in less than 2 hours. 3 red lights RoD - this is a hardware failure caused by overheating.

3 red lights repair, broken dvd drive replacements, freeze-ups, no video / no audio, no video / audio only, error E65, E69, E73, E74 and all the other types of errors



XBOX 360 : Three red lights on ring of lights hardware failure RoD RoL

When three red lights are showed by the ring of lights,and only the upper-right quadrant light is the only light that doesn't flash red, like in the upper picture, seems that you have a hardware failure, I can fix it.

Guaranteed Service

I offer 90 days warranty on my service, if something happens, if the unit comes again in 3 red lights, you have the FREE repair.

Now reballing dead units (takes 2-3 days) - $80

3 red lights fix - 30 days warranty - $30

Diagnosing and repairing all models of Xbox!

canadian customers - repairs in Toronto, Ontario, please click on the banner

canadian customers - repairs in Toronto, Ontario, please click on the banner


CAUTION : OVERHEAT ! Either if you have your console repaired or not, the problem with XBOX 360 is the HEAT ! I do recommend to play with the console in flat position (horizontal), also, if you have a smaller air fan at home, please use it to blow air on the right side of the xbox 360. As long as you keep the console cooled down you will not have any other problems. Happy gamin'.

XCM Core Cooler v2 - Extra cooling for your XBOX 360

twin fans - double airflow - double cooling power

please check with me about the price

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HALO 3 LE console in RROD! What makes this 'special' is that these systems are supposed to come with the new 65nm CPU / GPU chipset which should in theory help reduce the RRoD problem the Xbox 360 experiences.
Microsoft's replacements still defective: Microsoft's replacements for defective units are still defective !!! . Apparently That Xbox 360 Red Light of Doom Problem Hasn’t Been Fixed! - console manufactured on 8/15/2007 in RROD
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XBOX 360 repairs delayed up to six weeks! Game blog Kotaku reports that Xbox 360 repairs are taking upwards of six weeks due to a spike in returns.
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"MIKE IS THE MAN!!!! Enough Said. If you don't take your Xbox 360 to him for repairs, you're already paying way too much. His service is quick and friendly, and he has a warranty for his work. I would recommend Mike to anyone who's in need to get their 360 repaired!!!! He even gives you tips on how to make your 360 last longer! Hands down the best repair guy EVER!!!!!!!" - Michael Chang (email) on 01/18/2014

"I was browsing the internet for xbox360 repair services of Long Beach, and found that Mike would do the repairs for low cost and quick. He also offered to come to my location to fix my xbox. When I finally met Mike near his location, it took about 10-15 minutes to fix my xbox and I was on my way. This guy is lightning fast, and very informative about keeping the longevity of your xbox or gaming system lasting. He also will inform you at the very moment if its a severe fix or needs parts orders, step by step, as he is repairing your device. I can't thank Mike enough for being quick and thorough with my xbox. I was up and playing games as soon as I was home. If you seek repairs or any information, this IS the guy to go to. Fast, easy, professional, incredible price range, and one of the best choices in the LA area to have service to any of your device. Thank you again Mike!" - Justin (email) on 11/21/2013

"I found Mike online a little over a year ago looking for someone to fix my Xbox. I brought it in to him and he had it up and running within 45 minutes for a great price that no one else could beat! He promised a free 1 year warranty and just over a year later my xbox started breaking down again. So I brought it to him and even though I was a bit past my warranty time he ended up fixing it for free. Bottom line is that there isn't a better place to get your Xbox fixed. Mike is nice, honest, fair, quick, and great at what he does. You'd be making a mistake if you sent your Xbox anywhere else!" - John (email) on 06/13/2013

"I very highly recommend Mike! He is very helpful, honest and trustworthy. He repaired and returned our Xbox promptly. When it broke a second time, he offered to fix it for free or give us a refund. It was a very old unit and so I asked if he would fix it if it was his or just get a new one. He honestly told me he would get a new one if it was financially possible. Which I did. He refunded my original repair money and transferred the data from my old unit to the new hard drive for free. I will recommend Mike to anyone I hear has Xbox issues. Thanks again, Mike!" - Lori on 06/10/2013

"In 30 minutes, Mike fixed what the "ubreakifix" store couldn't in 2 weeks AND he did it cheaper and came to our house to do it. He is helpful, reliable and trustworthy. Mike, simply put, you are the BOMB!" - Patrick W (email) on 06/03/2013

"mike is a real stand-up guy... very pro. got it done in the time frame. (30min). if I ever have any more xbox problums, hes the man to fix the problem....thanks again mike..A++++++++++++++++" - shawn childress (email) on 05/25/2013

"Mike is amazing! Easy to work with, honest, and fast. He fixed the drive on my Xbox 360 slim in 30 minutes for only $40! I highly recommend him! " - James on 05/16/2013

"Mike is how all repairman should be. Knowledgeable, affordable and approachable. He can answer any questions you may have. He fixed my Xbox in a matter of hours. I highly recommend him to those who are seeking a cheap alternative and to support your local entrepreneur." - DI on 05/11/2013

"Call back came right away; the Xbox was back at home within a few hours working as promised. Thank you Mike! " - Darlene on 04/20/2013

"The friendliness, reasonability, and efficiency that Mike brings to his work are unmatched. I've gone to him twice now to fix my xbox and he's been awesome both times. If you're looking for a quick and convenient fix for your xbox, Mike's the guy. Hands down. Thanks Mike!" - Aidan (email) on 04/08/2013

"Mike fixed my Xbox 360 after it broke for a second time, and since he had fixed it in the past, he fixed it this time for free! Very fast, very professional; I highly recommend." - Jake K (email) on 04/08/2013

"Mike is the real deal. Since my son's ancient Xbox needed its first repair, he is the only guy I call. He's fast, courteous, reasonable, and highly proficient. I can only imagine how much money he's saved me over the years. I've mailed it in and had him come to my house; both options are great (although, I must admit, he's so good at what he does, it's kind of fun to watch him work). I highly recommend him, and will be pleased to discuss Mike at length with anyone who is considering hiring him." - William Salyers (email) on 03/02/2013

"Mike fixed my sons 360. It had the three rings. Fast service and great price. Running well and my son is up and playing again. Saved me a lot of $$$$$ :) " - catherine garcia on 02/23/2013

"Mike is the man took care of me in no time at a reasonable price. I really recommend him to anyone who has a problem with his Xbox." - Nicolas on 02/15/2013

"I took my Xbox to mike and he had me in and out I recommend his services to all. Reasonable price and he knows what he is doing. " - Jose on 02/09/2013

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